It’s YOU, not GOOGLE who understands

YOUR business the best, Let’s Engineer it!

Creation of 1 Time Set of work:

  • Finding out & Deciding search keywords & inserting them on    respective locations
  • Suggesting & Getting a Domain Name, Creation of a Website
  • Creating a separate Domain Name & creating a Blog Website    on that
  • Creation of a Mobile Compatible Website with a    “Tap-to-Call” Button on that
  • Listing your Business on Google Local
  • Creation of a Professional Facebook Page
  • Creation of a Professional Youtube Company Intro Video
  • Newsletter based Email Marketing system

Content Addition:

  • We suggest you the content required, then we shall add that initially on site
  • In case of Blogs, we shall give you EDIT link to add content on your own
  • You can insert, change images on your own on the Blog, write articles etc.
  • Don’t worry, the admin & security part is handled by us.

Training & Support:

  • How to use Facebook Pages, Groups for Marketing your business & getting leads
  • How to use G mail to handle received leads & creates a follow up system with tasks & calendar
  • How to use YouTube Videos, LinkedIn Groups for getting leads
  • How to add articles, photos etc to your Blog
  • How to reply & Handle comments on your Blog
  • How to use Mobile Phone for Marketing
  • Support to solve your specific queries if you get stuck up