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It’s YOU, not GOOGLE who understands

YOUR business the best, Let’s Engineer it!


Creation of 1 Time Set of work :

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  • Finding out & Deciding search keywords & inserting them on    respective locations
  • Suggesting & Getting a Domain Name, Creation of a Website
  • Creating a separate Domain Name & creating a Blog Website    on that
  • Creation of a Mobile Compatible Website with a    “Tap-to-Call” Button on that
  • Listing your Business on Google Local
  • Creation of a Professional Facebook Page
  • Creation of a Professional Youtube Company Intro Video
  • Newsletter based Email Marketing system

Content Addition :

  • We suggest you the content required, then we shall add that initially on site
  • In case of Blogs, we shall give you EDIT link to add content on your own
  • You can insert, change images on your own on the Blog, write articles etc.
  • Don’t worry, the admin & security part is handled by us.

Training & Support :

  • How to use Facebook Pages, Groups for Marketing your business & getting leads
  • How to use G mail to handle received leads & creates a follow up system with tasks & calendar
  • How to use YouTube Videos, LinkedIn Groups for getting leads
  • How to add articles, photos etc to your Blog
  • How to reply & Handle comments on your Blog
  • How to use Mobile Phone for Marketing
  • Support to solve your specific queries if you get stuck up


  • Dr.Nilesh Ahirrao

    Respected Sir,
    My Friend Mr.Charudatta Pendse is developing a website http://www.amtopm4u.com (a online webstore fro wellness and nutritional products), he needs your guidance in development and also wants to discuss some issues related to the data and future business in the same ….
    Your cell is not reachable and the the number ending with 111 i think is @ home…..
    Kindly Call me on My cell number is 9767500050 or else directly call Mr.Charudatta Pendse 8007303286 on his cell number….
    Thanks and regards…
    Dr.Nilesh Ahirrao

  • Suryakanth Sukale

    I would like to go for marketing services like leads generation
    We are product based company

    Ref : BNI connect.
    I am member of Glorious chapter.

  • Always hopeful from your update

  • I want to make my own website , will you help me ?

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