New Gmail Tabs – will they Help you ?


If you have checked your  Gmail recently, Gmail has introduced a new design for the inbox. It has now Categorized the mails in various categories like …

1.  Primary [Your main Important Mails]

2.  Social [ All messages from Social networks like Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn etc]

3.  Promotions [ All Promotional Stuff]

4.  Updates [All  confirmation messages, Software updates etc]

5.  Forums [ Message from all forums of which you are a member.]

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What will Happen as a Result of this ?

 [imaioVideo v=1]

1. Your all Emails will get automatically Segregated. So you will not require to create separate filters to Identify take further action.  e.g.   Mass- Deletion of unwanted Email etc. If you do not know what is filters; read this post
2. I have observed that my Inbox Email count has reduced by all most 60 % I do not know [ Yet to check] Whether your Gmail Quota will affect due to this. Well, if you keep on deleting all the unnecessary messages, your Inbox remains clean. You can simply create a filter & define a condition to delete the mails. It will delete all past mails as well.

3.   The Incoming marketing type of mails  will automatically go to  “ Promotion Tab” . So it will not come in your way when you are in a hurry e.g. In the Morning when you just won’t to check your important messages.  Similarly you can read those mails in leisure [ during night etc] so that you do not miss out any Important discount or Coupon after from some of the Portales on which you have signed up. However, just keep in mind here that Google has started to push its paid advertiser “mail looking like” offers inside the promotions tab. Just have a look at this :-
google pushing paid advertisers inside promotions

google pushing paid advertisers inside promotions

4.   The Social network: for e.g. If you do not adjust your notification settings in Facebook , it goes on sending you enormous mail for any activity on your profile. Now after introduction  of this “Social” Tab these mail will automatically go inside the social category.  As it is personally do not like to receive them  in my mails & I prefer to visit the Network.
The  above points [ a, b, c,d] were written in Gmail user’s perspective . However as a marketer [ If you are & email sender]You will have to take certain  steps for your business because your mail subscribers. May miss out your offer totally.
1.  Do not Panic. Nothing is going to happen
2.  However that does not stop you from taking some additional care of your subscribers for these you can educate  them on where, exactly your mails will go [ mostly in the promotions  tab.]
3.  Actually there are 2 ways to move your mails from promotion tab to primary tab.
   A.  Drag Drop : You can physically drag the message & drop it into the primary tab &
            also enable it to always drop there.
   B.  Go to Setting à Inbox check the box after “ Make Primary” so it will apply star.
     The Video above already explains you this.

I hope the new tabbed Gmail has been explained to you.

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Toasted Skin syndrome

Well, what’s this ?

This is a Computer[Laptop] Disease. It happened to me, still not fully cured.

What does it do ?

In fact due to continual “laptop sitting” it burns out – toasts out the skin. It has happened to me also. Due to the continuous hot air coming out from your laptop [it is 43-45 degrees – as if you are constantly at Nagpur temperateure] , my facial skin was blackodized. I was researching, applied many creams. Do not go out in Sun also. Then what ?

So after research on Google, I came to know that this is a very common phenomenon called Tosted skin syndrome. It happens to people on their thighs where actually they rest their laptops. As I operate from table top, and the air vent of my laptop is on the left, the skin on left side of face was more back.

I could make it out from my 2-3 years back photos [when I was not a Computer guy] and compared; this was more prominent.

Now , what did I do OR what should you do ?

1. Cut down the laptop use whenever possible.

2. First , buy a Cooling Pad. I first researched that on Flipkart. Found out the price range. Then went to a local shop , bought a Cooling Pad @ Rs. 700/- , used that & gifted to my nephew. Then just checked on Flipkart & found out it’s home delivery rate is Rs. 612. So ? Ordered one more. There are many other brands and models too. Here are some of them :

I have bought from Brand “Circle–Model NC 103” as the Cooler Master Branded goods were not available in the Shop that time. Get more details

I ordered on 3 rd July 2013 at 3 pm, and Flipkart delivered me the Goods on 4 th July 2013, at 10 AM Morning ! , that too at almost 100 bucks cheaper. I opened the case & found everything was intact. So I would surely recommend you to buy from Flipkart

3. These Articles are Good for research :-



How do you convert your desktop website to mobile website ?

Desk Top Version
Mobile Version

Actually you do not need to convert the existing site.

What you have to do is to create a separate mobile version of your website. It is a separate site altogether. The mobile site will have some kind of a code which is called as a redirect code, which is installed on your existing site. Then it automatically detects the kind of browser, whether desktop or mobile; and accordingly the version is displayed.

How to go about this ?

Free Way :- Duda Mobile is one of them where you can not only check but can also get your mobile website for FREE. There is no problems in going for a FREE plan, but it always has some limitations as nothing is free in this world, so with Duda Mobile as well.

The limitations in the Free Version :-

1. The Tap to Call Button :- In fact this is the most important button in the mobile site, as the action on a mobile phone after search is …..Call.

2. Number of views Lock :- There is a lock for number of views. And it is very less. If you promote your site & people will suddenly stop seeing that after a number of views. This is really not affordable to a businessman.

3. Support :- The Free Site/sites are mainly DIY type, that is – Do It Yourself. So if you need any help, support; where can you get that ? Besides that, there are many technical limitations, but it is an excellent place to start with and test your version.

Pay for the Service :-

This is the best way. You get a suitable developer to understand your needs, which buttons you want on site and then get your mobile site designed that way. Pay for service, support. If you are interested, write to us, we too can help you with a good mobile compatible site design. So that the transition of your site to mobile website is smooth & trouble free.

Before you decide , the steps :-

1. Do you have a website first ? Get it , if you DO NOT have.

2. Get proper keywords on your site , so it appears early in Google Search Results

3. Mobile site is ACTION oriented, only keep action tabs on mobile site.

Once your initial things are clear start with the Mobile Site Design. Hire a good service [like us] . Also establish your mobile marketing plan. In your Mobile Marketing Plan, you should have :-

(a) QR Code system :- This is printing a type of code on your site/pages/print material, so that when someone scans the the code through a smart phone, he should be taken to your action pages. E.g . Your signup page OR shopping cart or sales page etc. This marketing strategy is very powerful as it eliminated many steps in between.

(b) SMS Campaign :- This is well known and very popular. No need to talk much about this.

(c) Apps :- Installing proper apps on your smartphone so marketing becomes easier. E.g. apps like Linked In app, Facebook App, Twitter , Pinterest , Youtube etc. The same time you should also make sure :- You install a proper antivirus app on mobile device.And also a proper memory card system so all the data gets routed to the memory card.

First of all get a proper smartphone. I don’t say buy an expensive phone, but an android phone from company like Samsung, LG, micromax , sony should be good enough. The point is :- It should be able to do well with all your marketing work .

What kind of marketing work ?

1. Photo sharing

2. Data Sharing

3. Social Media updates

4. Youtube Videos

5. Pinterest pictures & infographics

These kind of activities will improve your presense in social media. Besides that, no barrier to generating “your only” creative ideas. Best Luck

Are you seeing Blurred Videos in Youtube ?

what to do if Videos not clear in youtube

Hey , it may be a very basic thing for people like me. But surely , I learnt this througha friend of mine whose Mobile themes I purchased.

The problem was :- When I used to play his videos on Youtube , they used to look like these :-

what to do if Videos not clear in youtube

You can easily make out that it is not at all user-friendly. But there is a simple setting on youtube at bottom called settings. Just go there & adjust the bigger size of pixel ratio to get a better readable quality video :-

what to do if Videos not clear in youtube

Can you make out the difference ?

Plugin Review – wp mail from

By default, wordpress , when sending any notification/s to your or other’s email address , will say “WordPress” in the From field.

I mean to say , whenever you get any message from your site , the inbox subject line will say from “WordPress”.

There is a plugin which will change it to the name & email of your chice in just plain 2 simple steps.

The plugin is :-

wp mail from.

The plugin is FREE
quickly gets installed , very lightweight.
Just asks two simple questions
And you are done.

Highly recommended

Directory Press – How to make the Contact Owner Button Work for Admin & Listing Owner both ?

Directory press is a powerful WordPress Directory Theme, through which you can create directories very easily, but with some customizations. For this purpose , you need to have good working WordPress knowledge. You need not know Coding, PHP, HTML etc, as I personally do not have knowledge, but if you have it , it would be the best.

First understand that “Contact Owner” and PM – personal Message is the same.

By Default , if you [as an admin of the directory] want to receive a notification when a visitor visits one of the listings on your directory and sends a personal message to the listing owner directly through the “Contact Owner” button , the LISTING OWNER gets a notification , NOT THE ADMIN.

But there is a way out here, I shall share what I have done :-

  1. Go to Email Manager–> Create Email –>Say “ Customer is asking for you” or similar.
  2. Go to Email Manager–>Email Configuration –>Website/User Account Emails –> Private Message –>Save.
  3. Now go to your Gmail–> Settings–> Filter–> Subject–>” Customer is asking for you”–> Apply Label–> Contact Owner.
  4. Now test , you will see the message going to the “ContactOwner” Label directly.
  5. Now within the label —Search with the unique username of the list owner & you will find the particular message.
  6. This you can forward to his email ID

This way, Your listing owner also gets his message and you too get notified about that !


Shopping Malls closing surprisingly in India

Is mall culture all over ?

Some 10 years back, India was introduced with the mall culture. Till then, and even now, in India shopping was never in a Mall type of environment. Agreed, there were some supermarkets, but not like what you see today : Big Bazar, Central & many.

Traditionally , Indian shoppers go to markets, where various shops sell their goods, dispersed. What malls did is they brought all the goods under 1 roof & made “convenient” [?] for people to shop. Even the local grocery shop owners were in a fear that they will not last any long.

But well, this is a 10 year old story. Now , the picture is different. I am talking about a very recent story. In Pune , in a same locality0TY 3 differnet malls have closed their shops. Spencer’s Daily , More opposite to that [Both in Karve Nagar] and Big Bazar on Sinhgad Road , hardly a Kilometer away from here.

While talking to many , some say they were not making profits, some say ownerships changed , some say malls life is just 10 years, so on & so forth.

Spencer’s is heard to be closing all its outlets in Maharshtra, some said in India. God knows. But I saw 2 spencer malls getting closed. 1 mentioned above & 2nd on L B Shastri Road, Pune.

Let’s see how other malls perform …..!

Till then , enjoy shopping for Diwali, have a great , Happy Diwali !

Gmail introduces new Compose feature

New “Compose” view introduced by Gmail.

To me , it has these good features :-

1. You can have a compact “Compose window while in Inbox vies

2. Can add CC, BCC straight , compact

3. Can have more than 1 compose windows

4. That means, you can send messages to more than 1 people at a time, side by side windows

Try it & post comments !

Manage all your passwords at one place with Last Pass

Every Now & then we keep logging on to new sites, saving usernames, passwords. Hell of a job it becomes someties.

I use “Last Pass” as the best tool to do this online.

What it does is :-

1. Saves usernames passwords , just click the link & done

2. Share passwords in “Hidden” view with team, they cant see, unshare anytime

3. Generate secure , unhackable passwords

4. It is completely FREE.

Just click here if you loved this [It will give me 1 month free of premium]

And you too, share with somebody to get this yourself.