You need Offline Connections too !

Marketing is not just Online or Offline, but a merger !

Agreed, you want to leverage the ower of Online Marketing; but it does not mean that you should not do any Offline efforts. Rather, you should have a mixed strategy for online & Offline, Both. Because what are you looking at ultimately ? It is “Business”, no doubts. That means more conversions from your business efforts, all sorts of, not just online.


Local Networking is one of them

There are many networking clubs around. Just pick anyone of them which suits your personality, and start spreading the word. Please don’t confuse Online Social Networking with this. I am not talking about Facebook or Linked In; I am talking about attending local physical meets & building a network of people. Some tips which you may find handy :-

1. Collect information about many, attend intro meetings, don’t join immediately.
2. Take your Own Time to think, analyze. Do some online research about that.
3. If you know someone who left the network, please ask him why. This is just to know what may be the challenges you might need to face. They may not be that difficult for you.
4. Don’t get sold by the show. There may be a display of how the club works; Don’t get sold by that. Many a times, things are not that Bright as they look.
5. Don’t join to get Business. It happens through contacts developed. It takes time. But it works. For sure.
6. Start slow, remain non-aggressive, though it might seem non participative; take time to pick your kinda people, have further meetings with them.
7. It is a long , very long term game; may be life time. So, remain steady.
8. Focus on regularity, attendance, not Visibility. You will be automatically visible, don’t worry about that.

I have been a part of BNI for 2 years and now a part of The Saturday Club Pune. If interested to attend & get a taste of it, please get in touch !

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