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Two Back to Back Digital Marketing Training Workshops Conducted at Pune

2 Digital Marketing Trainings at Pune with MCED in just  a span of 8 days

As currently, there is a great demand for the subject of Digital Marketing, people from all age, profession groups are willing to learn Digital Marketing. We hold these Overview Training Sessions with MCED, Pune & other institutes. Recently due to March End, there were 2 of them : One at Chinchwad & the other at Pune Shivajinagar were conducted. As always, we observed a superb response.

Little Changes in the Training’s

This time we included the opportunity part in Digital Marketing space as to what will be the Job Opportunities for those who learn this and what positions they can hold if employed. Currently , even at the employer level as well, there are many lacunae, as they too are not very clear as to how to employ and in what capacity. We also focused on this particular aspect.

Then, there was a Content Workshop

At the end of the 3rd day, there was a content workshop where students were distributed in groups and were given an opportunity to create content & post for social media. This activity is very popular & offers an insight into the world of content creation & marketing.


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