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Google My Business Listing Suspended

We recently changed our office address. We slowly changed all the addresses one by one. We also changed addresses on our various websites & locations like Facebook, Google My Business Pages etc. Finally we went on one of our Business page on Google My Business, and saw the following message.

Worried, though not that much; I decided to dig deeper in this issue. And also use this as a live test case. I will mentioned the steps I took. I have not recovered the page still; but shall keep on updating here.


1. Checked my page details, clicked on verify now, nothing major happened.

2. At the same time, our listing is visible as past in Google Search. So not much worry for now. But it’s google, their algorhythms change without notice.

3. We then went over & edited our new address, which surprisingly we could.Then we posted an “Appeal”. Filled out the forms. Inserted most genuine information. 

Waiting for reply to arrive.

4. Also referred the “Community” on Google My Business. It has a tip on the type of Business, look at that. Did not matter to our business, but there is something called Service Area Businesses, it’s critical. let us see what comes after 7 days.

My clients have also reported many things happening in GMB. My take on this is Please don’t build your business for Search , rather use the Search for strengthening your already existing business.


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One comment on “Google My Business Listing Suspended

S M Ghotikar

An update here :-

Next day, immediately after appealing to Google, Google identified that the edits are gunine & assured that the page will be back in action in a couple of days !

Just checked, It is Live !


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