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Cleaning up the Digital Clutter

With more and more advertisement spend shifting to Digital Marketing platform; the number of messages delivered to the public has increased at an incredible rate. We are experiencing advertising overload with an invasion of pages being over saturated with ads.

With ever increasing demand for digital advertisement space, the digital platform is cluttered with numerous wanted as well as unwanted advertisements. Online marketers are still fighting the age-old question of how to be heard over everybody else. This has created a nuisance for genuine internet consumers.

But this time, things are different. The over saturation of digital ads feels abnormally more disturbing than traditional advertising. Ad clutter doesn’t just annoy the viewer; it diminishes ad effectiveness as well as impacts the viewer’s opinion.

A cluttered page with different types of advertising creates tremendous distractions for the viewer, causing an undesirable experience and negatively impacting brand recall, consideration, and most importantly, customer engagement.

The over saturation of digital media with such advertisement, calls for urgent action to clean up the digital platform thereby relieving the precious customers. Otherwise, the day is not far when the customers will themselves will block the unwanted ads by installing ad blockers.

Read here more “Do we need a clean-up?” written by Faisal Haq in The Hindu, Business Line updated on November 7, 2017.


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