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Bridging The Skill Gaps in Digital Marketing

With Digital Marketing platform expanding its presence all over the globe with a rapid rate, the right talent of the digital workforce required to cope up with this expansion is lagging behind. There is an acute shortage of the right talent where demand is more than twice the available supply.

As digital platforms and channel continue to evolve at unbelievable speeds, it is very critical that the digital marketing professionals, at all levels within the organization, prioritize a culture of learning in order to stay on top of technological changes.

The gap between what is learned during graduation and what is practically expected on Digital Marketing platform needs urgent attention. It is required to be filled up by constantly observing consumer behavior, their likes and dislikes, and updating oneself to stay tuned in the competition.

Investing in developing the digital marketing skills of your best and brightest digital marketing staff at regular intervals is the need of the hour. Staff training and development is not only critical to effectively executing your company’s Digital Marketing strategies, but is a key driver of business performance.

Read more “The industry is eliminating the skills gap in digital marketing strategy”, written by Barin Mukherjee, in, dated 07 November, 2017.

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