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Bhagyashree : Inspiration to many housewives !

Freelancing: One of the Best Career Option for Women!

Are you willing to start your own small business? But, don’t have funding? Would you like to work from home? Then freelancing will be the best option for you! With the revolution of digital era, Freelancing has become very popular in India, especially amongst women because of work place and time flexibility. It allows women to work from home at multiple projects without compromising their personal lives. But, only having a business idea is not sufficient, you need to know the ways to get the projects.

We Interviewed our former participant of Digital Marketing Training program, Mrs. Bhagyashree Dhobalepatil Khaire, Mechanical Engineer, Freelance Content Writer, Reporter at Prabhat college connect.

She shared her views and experience about freelancing. She also thanked Mr. Soumitra Ghotikar for all the guidance and useful tips. Here is her Interview, you can listen to the Audio :-

Bhagyashree’s Journey to Become Freelancer:

Bhagyashree Khaire Dhobale PatilIt all started while pursuing education in Pune, when she was hired by the Prabhat College Connect as an intern article writer, where she got her training and first experience on writing articles. Till now she has written more than 40 articles for Prabhat College Connect Page.

But, after completing her education in metro city Pune, she got married and moved to rural area, where fewer jobs opportunities are available. So, she has chosen work from home option to have a work-life balance.

It was not that easy, though !

But then, many questions like:

  • How to write SEO optimized articles?
  • How to do content marketing?
  • What is digital marketing and how it is helpful for freelancer?
  • How to get freelancer projects?  ,

crossed her mind.

After deciding to work as a freelance content writer, she attended Digital Marketing Training Event conducted by Mr. Soumitra Ghotikar, where she actually got the knowledge about nature and potential of freelancing and content marketing. She got her first project from one of our participants of training itself.

At present, she is working on translation and Social Media Marketing (Facebook Page) projects. She has adjusted her work timings and working absolutely comfortably from home. She keeps herself free from work to spend time with family. In this way, she is earning good money by working from home.

Do What You Love:

According to her, freelancing offers you the freedom to work on multiple or different projects like logo design, social media marketing, digital marketing, translation or web design, etc. She loved writing, so she started freelance content writing service. You can start freelancing, what you love.

Here are the Tips to Get Freelancer Projects ..

  • Join Training Program: If you are fresher in this field and don’t have any knowledge about freelancing, then you must join Digital Marketing Training Program. Because, these *workshops not just give you training, but here you will get an opportunity to network as well.
  • Communication: Communication is the key to get more freelance projects. You need to express your interest for getting work and ensure your client that you can do this work better and on time.
  • Good Portfolio: Build good online portfolio. You can make your own website or facebook page. You should have all the experience certificates and documents of your previous work.
  • Freelance Job Sites and Apps: There are many sites like,,,, where you can register and find work from opportunities.
  • Internship for Getting Experience: If you don’t have any experience, then you can start from internship jobs. After getting enough experience you can start working as a freelancer.
  • Networking: Networking is the best way to get work through references. This will also help you to get recognition.

You can contact Mrs. Bhagyashree Dhobalepatil Khaire on

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* Kindly Check Reviews to our workshops :-

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Nilam Dhobale

Nice concept of work from home by providing freelance content writting service…All the best for your work…keep it up…


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