Site Creation with Wordpress

You can create an earning source on the internet from your idea itself

If something “clicks” in your mind , like a very good idea , you can create an earning source on the internet on it , how ?

  1. Crystallize the idea e.g. “Start a tiffin service in your local area”
  2. Search for best domain on that
  3. DO NOT go with domain like , as nobody searches on your name , but searches from the product or activity.
  4. Go with domain like :
  5. Buy a domain [Cost Rs. 500-600 p.a.]
  6. Buy a Hosting [Cost Rs. 500 p.m.] for unlimited sites
  7. Build a wordpress site yourself, don’t outsource.
  8. Investment [For Buying a CD in India] Rs. 1600 /- OR [Buy Online using paypal] $ 30 , just one time , with great bonusses.
  9. Publish Google Ads [Free]
  10. Publish Affiliate Links [Free]

Create Multiple sites with multiple ideas , start today

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