You can create a Business with Other’s Expertise , very simple !

You need not be the BEST in your field !

Look at successful people , they are basically entrepreneurs in nature. And, an entrepreneur is what ? The one who arranges resources , but never does everything on his own. He basically has just an Idea. If he is more smart, he works with OPM (Other people’s Money) and OPT (Other people’s Time). You can read the Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki , Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki.These books are the milestone books you must read. You can become just a facillitator and organize a series of lectures in your passionate subject,or can organize a musical event. Or can even just start a website where people will share their expertise. You become just the website owner.

What happens when people ask you further questions ?

This can be a tricky point. Because I have found out that people are very difficult to reach. Initially , they will come for the event , but later, if the audience has questions, they post on the blog or website article you have created. Then what do you do ? I used to email these questions to the experts and used to request them to send an answer again by email. This was a tedious process, I never loved that.

But you know, WordPress solves many of your problems !

Here once again , wordpress came to my rescue. I discovered a simple , LITE (dead simple, and doing only a few tasks) **plugin called “Moderator Role“. It’s Super easy. Just look at my review of the same :-

The Idea

  • Create a Simple Website with WordPress.
  • Involve others to post content if you know some experts in the area, like I involved Ms Sapna Joshi for the Amazon Post.
  • Then share the post with your audience.
  • If they have further questions, make the expert a “Moderator” who can answer questions.
  • Give the expert the credit , afterall , he or she did the hard job.

And why you should feel bad if he/she gets some advantage out of it ? Was Amazon my business ? No. Giving quality information to my audience is my business.

It’s a win-win situation

All stake holders are getting what they want. Your Readers get what they want : Good Information , which solves their problems; Your Expert gets the Expert Status & you, who gets the subject authority.

Enjoy !




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