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I was always on the lookout for good backup resource as I am not a techy guy and at the same time , I wanted to keep my sites intact. Initiall I toyed with cpanel. Then I tried some FREE plugins like EZPZ. But somehow I have found the following are few of the best :-

1. BlogVault : Advantages :-

It has a auto backup & test restore function & auto restore too.Just see a video presentation from a useful Youtube video on how BlogVault will be useful to you. Careful Cash [Not affiliate Link] brings a great video on this – how to use. I got refereed from careful cash  [no affiliate link] only & I purchased Blog Vault [affiliate link].

I tried all & many free ways. But truly , there is nothing “FREE” in this world ! Better invest in BLOGVAULT today.There will be a link at the end of the video to access the FREE trial. Once the free trial is over it will be 9 $ p.m/site.



BONUS from My side :-

No Ebook , No Shiny Videos , No useless reports , but I will work with you if you want to install Blog-Vault on your site. That is I can work as an additional Tier in between you & Blog-Vault. And also expect some surprise [valuable & meaningful to your business] .

After Buying just email me the paypal receipt OR reply to this post with subject “Blog Vault Purchased”




Here is the Careful Cash’s Video :

[imaioVideo v=1]

OR Here is the instructions on How to do it …..

[imaioVideo v=3]

Good Luck to you ….!




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