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Webinar : The most economic & Time Saving way to attend presentations

Internet has  made many things very easy for us. The best of the things is messaging-emails. And they say that this is “Death of Distance”.

One of the things which has emerged is WEBINARS.

What is a Webinar ?

Webinar is a Web-Seminar. Like a Live Seminar , This is held on the internet. That’s the only difference. Usually you will receive a request to join this through a link provided to you through your email ID.

Register :-

Then register for that by filling up the registration form etc. Then on the specific date , click the Joining webinar link, usually supplied by the organizer in his welcome email through which he has confirmed your participation. That’s all you will be all set to join the same. Sample screenshot :-

Webinar register screnshot

Before Attending :-

Before joining , it is better to carry out some routine checks like all the systems are installed on your computer or not. Better test in advance to avoid disappointments. Usually the organizers allow you 3-7 days advance notification, so that you get prepared well in time.  sample link for testing.

Getting prepared for the webinar :-

  1. Please see that  your system is all-set for attending a webinar
  2. Connect your Headphone
  3. Keep your paper-pad & pen ready to take notes.
  4. Switch of all other programs & possibly – the phone line too.
  5. The presenter has already told you-what the webinar is about. Hence be ready with all of your questions to ask. If possible, type them out in notepad & keep the notepad file on your desktop, minimized.
  6. Watch the time zones. Convert the zones. Many a times , they may be at midnights OR very early mornings. To convert time to your zone , use this site :-  , Mark this on Google Calender , so you do not forget.
  7. Many presenters offer a “replay” link to those who could not attend LIVE. So do register even if you think you can’t attend the event live. However , LIVE is better as you can ask questions.

Attending the Webinar :-

Join the webinar by joining link :-

  1. Usually it will start immediately when the time is due.
  2. Start listening to speech & see the slides
  3. Take  notes
  4. Be interactive by asking questions in the chat-windows.
  5. Also participate in surveys , polls etc.
  6. Attend full. Usually at the end , there is an interesting offer – through which you may get a product at discounted prize or webinar special prize or may get some special bonus products. So, stay tuned till the end.

Advantages :-

  1. Can join from anywhere , just need computer & internet connection. Can join from mobile also.
  2. Most economical way.
  3. No formal clothing etc, attend from home in casual wear.
  4. Can have access to recording if you could not attend.
  5. Chances to get great offers.

So I suggest you , go ahead & take full advantage of this great revolutionary tool to get yourself informed.

Soumitra Mohan Ghotikar

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