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Toasted Skin syndrome

Well, what’s this ?

This is a Computer[Laptop] Disease. It happened to me, still not fully cured.

What does it do ?

In fact due to continual “laptop sitting” it burns out – toasts out the skin. It has happened to me also. Due to the continuous hot air coming out from your laptop [it is 43-45 degrees – as if you are constantly at Nagpur temperateure] , my facial skin was blackodized. I was researching, applied many creams. Do not go out in Sun also. Then what ?

So after research on Google, I came to know that this is a very common phenomenon called Tosted skin syndrome. It happens to people on their thighs where actually they rest their laptops. As I operate from table top, and the air vent of my laptop is on the left, the skin on left side of face was more back.

I could make it out from my 2-3 years back photos [when I was not a Computer guy] and compared; this was more prominent.

Now , what did I do OR what should you do ?

1. Cut down the laptop use whenever possible.

2. First , buy a Cooling Pad. I first researched that on Flipkart. Found out the price range. Then went to a local shop , bought a Cooling Pad @ Rs. 700/- , used that & gifted to my nephew. Then just checked on Flipkart & found out it’s home delivery rate is Rs. 612. So ? Ordered one more. There are many other brands and models too. Here are some of them :

I have bought from Brand “Circle–Model NC 103” as the Cooler Master Branded goods were not available in the Shop that time. Get more details

I ordered on 3 rd July 2013 at 3 pm, and Flipkart delivered me the Goods on 4 th July 2013, at 10 AM Morning ! , that too at almost 100 bucks cheaper. I opened the case & found everything was intact. So I would surely recommend you to buy from Flipkart

3. These Articles are Good for research :-



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