“To Uber” .. will it be a new verb To Find a Local Transport ?

I do Uber while in Bangalore

I’m already using this verb very much. In fact , I do use Uber to a considerable extent. Not just in Bangalore, as I’ve mentioned above , but wherever I find the autowalas are difficult to negotiate with or while in a new city , where I am not supposed to know the local roads.

What is Uber & why has it become so Popular

For those , who are unaware of Uber, it is a cab service for local city riding. You just need to download an app from Play store and start using it. Just Insert the place to proceed from, and the destination. You can also get a fare estimate prior to ride. If found okay, just select the “Book” button and you will mostly get a call within 2-5 minutes from the driver of the cab who might be waiting at the bottom of your building to pick you up !

It has got a wide popularity on account of many things, but mainly due to indefinite rates (fares) the local autowalas charge. The customers are always skeptical about their behaviour. Unlike this, in Uber, the  Cab Driver applies the Google Map to take a passenger to the desired location, so the passenger feels he is at least in safer hands. The Driver can’t cheat Google (thanks to accurate results delivered by google maps)

No Wonder if it does not attract critics !

There are supporters & opponents to every new thing which appears in a society. So it appeared here in India as well. The morchas are going on, but still Uber is on a high Tide, no doubts (along with Ola Cabs too). That makes Travis Kalanick , Uber supremo , take Indian market very aggressively. It contributes second to its revenue after the U.S.

What an Idea , Sirjee !

Indeed , it was a great idea of proving this kind of service. But it was never Kalanick’s first idea. He fell twice before this. But his third venture ultimately got him on the go and currently Uber is the world’s most valued startup.Uber’s Valuation is $68 billion makes it more worthy than Auto majors like General Motors & Honda Motors, who took years, decades to come to this position.

Entrepreneurship can’t be learned through books , very true !

As Kalanich remarks “Better take a jump into something which excites you rather than taking an academic course for it”. He , himself is an example. Floated his first (failure) startup while he was just 21. This was NOT after a fomal “entrepreneurship” education. He expresses his views on how the things were and how he came out of those through tougher times, this is an important learning (not education) for anyone who aspires into doing something of their own ! Similar things can be learned from examples of Richard Branson , who has gone his own way beyond the “Formal Education” !

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