Some Important Apps for your Android Mobiles

This is the age for android mobiles , no doubts. With Android Mobiles , life has become very very easy for net savvy people. That too, if you add Apps for your Android Mobiles , it is leaps and bounds.

I enlist here some important Apps for your android mobiles

1.Antivirus : AVG Free ….Must Must. After you get a new mobile , install this one. FREE

2. Skype : Excellent for Chatting. If you have a front facing camera , you can Vido Chat on Skype. 3G is required for this . If you use 3G , Plans are good from Idea , Vodafone, Service is also pretty good indeed.

3.Touchpal Keyboard : It is a great app .Just see the application of this. It is a great app. You just go on sliding your fingers on the keypad as the spelling of the word , the app will identify the right word & insert. It is super fast, accurate. You can also insert voice , but I haven’t tried that much. But other wise the app is fantastic. 5 stars for that. See this in operation in this video :-


4. Facebook & Twitter : These Apps are normally already installed there on your android phone , just check.s up

5. Simple Chat : Facebook Chatting App. Beware , it eats up a lot of your battery.

6. Just Dial : For local searches : Not so impressive

These are the apps I have somewhat found good.

If you have any more suggestions , welcome !


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