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Social Media use & Digital Marketing to command the Industries by next five years

The rapid spread of digital technologies around the world is boosting economic growth and the Digital Marketing platform is already commanding the term of the business.

Looking at the spread of Digital Marketing and the acceptance of the same by many industries worldwide, it is no doubt that the digital platform and the use of social media for marketing is going to rule by next 4-5 years’ time. Along with the growth of digital, the importance of the social media as a tool of marketing is also likely to grow more in the near future.

No seminar, no corporate meeting or the conferences are complete without making “Digital marketing” as their one of the important agenda point.

The growth of digital is rapid and no doubt that it is going to attain an exponential figure in coming few years. While, on the one hand, digital is offering the threat that if you don’t keep up, you’re unlikely to retain your market-share position, it’s also offering an opportunity to extract even more value by innovating your commercial processes.

Read more here to understand the impact of Digital Marketing and Social Media. Digital to be the largest medium by 2022-23”, published by Best Media Info Bureau  Mumbai, November 02, 2017.

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