Small Portable Mic cum Amplifier for Classroom

Problem :- I was required to shout , which I wanted to Stop.

Do you take trainings for a Classroom of 25-30 regularly ? Then better you should take care of your throat , otherwise you will feel tired like hell. I used to consume Hot Water , Tea , Hot beverages after every 60-90 minutes to give rest to my throat & refresh again for talking with attendees. I had seen some of speakers were carrying some kind of system with them when they speak; but became very curious when I started to feel the problem myself. As usual, I asked many , and finally ordered one system according to my best knowledge , which was NOT suitable. It looks like this :-

But , when I dismantled it from the packing, I was frustrated asit didn’t have a speaker , and also lacked a manual. Then after consulting some people I came to understand , that it needs an amplifier system to be connected to, so it can be played. So, it was just a Cordless Microfone. Not that what I wanted. Immediately I repacked that. Yes. This care you need to take while purchasing online.I returned that to Amazon, and same day I ordered another thing which was a Portable Public Address System by the same company.

Portable Public Address System :

This is very useful thing. When you start taking Trainings for a Classroom, many of the Classrooms don’t provide an amplifier & Mike. But you put a lot of stress on your throat as you need to shout for your sound to reach to the last student sitting. I am using Ahuja PA system, excellent results. Just one hitch : The speaker cum amplifier it provides is little heavy. I will suggest you to use it knotted to the strap which has been provided , use the strap in place of your regular waist belt. But this is not a limitation of the product.


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