Shopping Malls closing surprisingly in India

Is mall culture all over ?

Some 10 years back, India was introduced with the mall culture. Till then, and even now, in India shopping was never in a Mall type of environment. Agreed, there were some supermarkets, but not like what you see today : Big Bazar, Central & many.

Traditionally , Indian shoppers go to markets, where various shops sell their goods, dispersed. What malls did is they brought all the goods under 1 roof & made “convenient” [?] for people to shop. Even the local grocery shop owners were in a fear that they will not last any long.

But well, this is a 10 year old story. Now , the picture is different. I am talking about a very recent story. In Pune , in a same locality0TY 3 differnet malls have closed their shops. Spencer’s Daily , More opposite to that [Both in Karve Nagar] and Big Bazar on Sinhgad Road , hardly a Kilometer away from here.

While talking to many , some say they were not making profits, some say ownerships changed , some say malls life is just 10 years, so on & so forth.

Spencer’s is heard to be closing all its outlets in Maharshtra, some said in India. God knows. But I saw 2 spencer malls getting closed. 1 mentioned above & 2nd on L B Shastri Road, Pune.

Let’s see how other malls perform …..!

Till then , enjoy shopping for Diwali, have a great , Happy Diwali !

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