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Security Measures for a WordPress Site

Security Measures for a WordPress Site

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WordPress has undoubtedly revolutionized the creation of sites. It has taken the work to non techies & made it super easy. The ease of its tools like themes, plugins etc. makes the work of changes very rapid & fast. The content can be shared with all major social networks makes it more exposed to all type of internet users.

As a result of this, daily more & more marketers are using this platform. At the same time more & more hackers are also looking at this as an opportunity to hack more & more sites, day by day. I was a bit casual about this till one day. I found my site hacked. I didn’t get much panicked but studied the whole episode & finally have written down certain security steps I took:-

  1. Keep in mind: With all security majors also, the sites can get hacked.
  2. But that is not the end of the world, security options also keep on arriving. So better Backup the sites.
  3. Update the wordpress versions, plugins immediately.
  4. Remove sites from expired domains. Learn why.
  5. Keep Backup. Use plugin EZPZ.
  6. Create new users without the word “Admin” or “Webmaster” then delete the old one.
  7.  When creating a new post, first create it on desktop; maintain its backup on external hard disk, then upload on wordpress.
  8. Use Top quality, “Paid” antivirus software. I use Quickheal.

Using these majors will offer you a considerable amount of security.

You can also see the below mentioned video :-

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