BYST Pune – taking mentoring on wheels to entrepreneurs

What is BYST Pune ? BYST Pune is a Platform launched under the CII , to help entrepreneurs to get Loans & Proper mentorship to pay the loans on time. The Loans are usually Guarantor Free & Collateral Free. Actually , BYST is a nationwide activity , in Pune , it runs 3 chapters : Hadapsar , Pune City , […]

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A Technical Expert explains on how reviews will actually help your business grow very fast

Mr. Satish Kota

How does the review system work actually ? We did see in some posts (like the Embroidery Business or the Kids Care Institution) on how small local businesses do comfortably well. In both the cases, the business owners do take considerably good amount of efforts to get reviews. Is that sufficient? Or there are some other great , but relatively […]

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How a Local Business in Pune uses customer reviews to grow his business

Mr. Parshuram Pardeshi

Importance of Reviews If you are a businessman , it is very clear that a recommendation from someone is the most important thing for a business owner. In Online Business process , this is far more important to take reviews. We have seen business owners go east to west & north to south to grab business contracts. But reviews & […]

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Training Session at MCED, Shivajinagar, Pune on Digital Marketing

MCED Training Pune

Digital Marketing Workshop At MCED, Shivajinagar, Pune On 3rd Feb 2017, a session on Digital Marketing was conducted by Mr. Soumitra Ghotikar specially for upcoming and existing entrepreneurs. The session had a tremendous response by all 35 participants. The training took place at the MCED, Shivajinagar, Pune. Idea to Actual Online Business Special topics were covered on idea generation, validation […]

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Small Portable Mic cum Amplifier for Classroom

Problem :- I was required to shout , which I wanted to Stop. Do you take trainings for a Classroom of 25-30 regularly ? Then better you should take care of your throat , otherwise you will feel tired like hell. I used to consume Hot Water , Tea , Hot beverages after every 60-90 minutes to give rest to […]

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Rich Dad Poor Dad & the Cash Flow Quadrant

Do you claim that you are a Businessman ? I used to. Until I read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad & the Cash Flow Quadrant. Both are just super books and a MUST for all existing & “Would like to be” in business. It so happened , that way back in 2003 , I was invited by one of […]

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5 Tips to get Good Reviews to your Business

Can you really control what people talk on your back? Not really. They may talk good, bad or ugly too ! Depending upon their experience. Period. The last sentence is the utmost important thing. And that truly decides the value of your offering. The experience the user got from that. Communication is the Response you get, not what you said. […]

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