Multisites Plugin for WordPress

This will be a really great news for wordpress users. There is a great Multistes plugin available for WordPress Users.

I used to always wonder what is multisites. And kept myself away from that since it is a highly technical job.

But thanks to the WP Empire Builder Plugin by which I am making any new site in just COOL 15 minutes with all required plugins added.

The method followed is : We have to just make the mother site once, and when we add a new domain or subdomain , all the sites get finished in no time at all !

Just check the offer details here

[ Best for own use]

Bonusses [ From my end – WordPress 60 Videos totally Free -usual price @ 30

Or still go ahead to get a developer’s License :-

[ Best if you offer your work for people]

Bonusses [ From my end – WordPress 60 Videos + Business Mastery Videos ] Total Value $ 77

Hurry up , the offer is ending soon.

NOTE :- To get the Bonusses , please email me the receipt of paypal. After purchase , you can just drop me a message here OR at this FB page :-



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