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Mobile Sites

What is Mobile Sites ?

The normal websites do not display correctly on the mobile browsers. You need to create them seperately to view correctly.

Why is it so Vital ?

Major Mobile Browsing people take action and purchase OR they visit your place. If they do not find your layout proper or DO NOT FIND a CALL button, they leave the site, you LOOSE business.

 How to create a Mobile Site ?

We shall create it for you. Just press the “Appointment” Button, fix an appointment. After discussions, we shall study what you need and suggest you design quote. That’s it.

So , it will be another web address, right ?

No way. We shall design it such a way, that it will automatically detect what type of browsing, whether mobile or desktop, and will display accordingly. In short, web address will be same.

What will be the cost for this work ?

Normally , Mobile websites are action oriented sites, they are not expected to be surfing or research or computer work oriented. Hence the major action tabs will be kept on that. So unless a very complicated application kind of thing, the prices [In India] will be Rs. 20,000/- per site with 1 year’s maintenance.

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