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Meetings made very easy with Online Webinars

Do you want to meet your old friends ? And they are far away ?

Do you want to share some of your trip snaps with family/peers ? But difficult to meet them ?Do you want to offer product presentation , but the audience is far away ? You don’t afford the costly Webinar services online ?

Here is a solution …. Hold Online Meetings with Anymeetings !

Anymeeting is a completely FREE online meetings tool. You can hold meeting upto 200 people for FREE, any number of meetings. You just need [if a presenter] :- Good internet connection [wired] . DO NOT try with the USB type connections , they do not work, I have tried. You also require a Good Headphone [ the mobile type headphone also works, it should have a good microfone , thats all.

The procedure , how-to etc , is given by Anymeeting , just go through that , any time. But here are key benefits why you should select Online Meetings :-

1. You need no travelling
2.You can conduct them any time
3, From Any Place
4. Can have a recording , for delayed playback
5. Any number of meetings
6. Can co-host speakers
7. Can also share screen [limited sharing]
8. You can collect all their information for later follow up
9. Can conduct a survey
10. After meeting , can direct them to a link of your website / product etc.

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