Meet the best NLP Trainer in Pune : Ms Raviebala Kakatkar !

Do you know what is NLP ?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It means programming the mind in the language it understands. This is used to get extra ordinary results with a clear & right understanding. On my entrepreneurial journey I did face many ups & downs, the downs many a times were due to a kind of depression I suffered due to failures. But as they say “Success is failing 9 times and getting up 10” , I always rose up to face the music again. After learning NLP techniques, the period of getting up again from a failure has now reduced drastically.

Thankfully, I was trained by a great NLP trainer in Pune

I would be really thanful to my wife Swati , who read as advertisement about a training on NLP in a newspaper , that I got opportunity to be trained under Ms Raviebala Kakatkar , the first hand resource for NLP in Pune. She has not only trained many prominent personalities , but has also gone further to work with patients from social rehabilitation institutions like Muktangan.

Interview of Ms Kakatkar

Recently We took an interview of Ms Kakatkar, During which she shared her thoughts on how NLP can benefit businessmen and entrepreneurs. Here is the audio recording for the same :-


Summary of the Interview :-

1. NLP is talking to ourselves so we become more effective.

2. Through NLP , if I change my self talks , I can change the outcome.

3. It’s the most useful Seif-Help Technique.

4. As a businessman, by practicing NLP , he/she can constantly motivate him/her. NLP is an inner journey, is also a study of successful people, which let’s us replicate the patterns of all those successful people.

5. A businessman needs to be more alert about his experiences, if he faces a failure , he goes into an unresourceful state of mind. By learning NLP , he can quickly get back to the resourceful state of mind from where he can re-attempt.

6. Practically, if our Online efforts don’t produce results fast ( sad, but truth !) one can implement a simple technique called “Motion Creates Emotion” and immediately get back to normal. By simpy changing our physical posture , the neural circuit starts changing & new set of emotions arise.

7. Rapport Building is another technique. In this a businessman can build more rapport by understanding the sensory system of his client like Visual , Auditory or otherwise.

8. NLP teaches you Goal Setting through Visualization.It also teaches you how to get rid of your past baggages, so the new Goal you set is much more optimistic than before practicing NLP.

9. Ms Kakatkar also trains corporates like Venkys, Tatas etc. She conducts 2-days basic courses, which are the best for entrepreneurs , businessmen etc. She also has advanced modules for counsellers , trainers etc.

10. You can reach Ms Raviebala Kakatkar at 9881743061 & email ID is :

We hope you enjoyed the interview. Please share your thoughts in the Comments Section.

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