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Management of Incoming Mails

 Management of Incoming Mails:

Once you start internet marketing, your inbox will bombard will messages. Many of the messages will be important & to you, many – not at all. Again, from the important ones, you will need to classify as per subject. It will be a good habit if you keep on deleting the unnecessary messages in time. Now let us see how Gmail will help you in this work.

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1. Labels :

Go to the mail setting à Labels à Create a Label e.g. “Personal”. Now, go to inbox & select an email which is from a friend. Now, form the “More” options apply Label named “Personal” to that. Now, 2 things happen immediately.

a)      In the inbox, before the subject line, you will see a Label “Personal” attached.

b)      In the side bar you will see a folder “Personal” created.

So, you can quickly indentify the relevance of the message. And if you want to see all the “Personal” messages, you can view them in the folder.

You can further customize them with color coding, group, sub-group etc.

2 Filters :

Filters is the most useful utility in mail management With filters, we can tell gmail what we want to do with the message and gmail does it automatically. It will apply the condition to all the forthcoming mails & also to the past mails.

e.g. If you want message from a particular email ID to be “deleted” for ever automatically, then you can create a filter & tell gmail.

Many useful conditions like – archive, canned response, forwarding etc can be automatically encorporated with this option.

3.Multiple Inboxes :

We have learnt about applying labels to identity particular messages. But “Multiple Inboxes “ can help you to group different messages under separate inboxes.

The option can be activated from Mail Settings  Labs  Multiple Inboxes à Enable.

We can customize the order, position etc of the inboxes, as all the inboxes will appear on one screen only.

With these 3 tools, you can manage your incoming mails very effectively.

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