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Making Money with Google Adsense Through a WordPress Blog

What is the Idea of Adsense ?

One of the greatest things internet has done is SHARING made very easy. And you can notice that people do share everywhere , whether it is facebook , youtube , or any social site.

Google was very smart to make money with this though.

Undoubtedly , Google is the best search engine today. It holds almost 65-70 % share of the search market. So they offer businesses an opportunity to display their ads when people search something on the internet. They charge money to the advertisers on the expected clicks the said ad will receive. This is Adwords.

At the same Google has offered opportunity to Writers , Site owners , Bloggers an opportunity to publish these ads on their sites. When people visit the Site , Blog , and if they click on ads , Google pays some fraction of the amount they have got from the advertisers to the site owners. This money – how much they give etc depends upon clicks , the value of the click etc. This is Adsense.

The main thing is the “Keyword” and its popularity , so its value.

This looks an easy job. Look at the advantages :-

1. You need not SELL anything.

2. Google has a smart software & user friendly platform

3. Adsense account is FREE

4. Google Publishes only RELEVANT ads

5. Your account gets automatically credited.

6. No time-binding thing

7. You just be an expert in any field & share your content. That’s the only thing needed.

Looks fine , but keep in mind :-

You do not get handsome money from 1 site. You should have many sites.

For this undoubtedly , WORDRESS is the best software available today which offers you FREE platform to make n number of sites. You just need a Domain + Hosting , thats all & off course the knowledge to use wordpress.

We have compiled 60 WordPress Training Videos , which you can buy & start your Adsense empire right today !


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