From a small startup to a grown-up empire, Digital Marketing all the way!!!

There are large number of examples in Indian context where the most successful businesses today started as small enterprises some time back. But the distinct thing in these now grown up empires is that the owners had a big dream and a big vision of their start up to make it what it is today, despite the challenges they faced in building up the conglomerate.

These tenacious entrepreneurs strived to reach their goals and even achieved more than they have dreamed of. While luck plays a big role in your business’s success, having a plan and sticking to it also matters. Making use of various marketing and technological tools used by most businesses today can likewise help you realize the business empire of your dreams.

The story of MTR, the now big empire of ready made food industry who started their journey many years back as a small food joint and the success of their mile stones in years ahead is revealed in this beautiful yet inspiring article, Tiffin Room to packaged food, journey of MTR as a heritage brand, by Roshni Nair in Best Media Info dated October 5th 2017. The article revolves around various marketing measures taken by MTR management, from traditional marketing concepts to the Digital Marketing, has it all to make it an empire in true sense.


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