How you can use Google Docs for Managing your Online Activities

Google Docs are located just in the Gmail Main Page. Just go to an Icon called “Documents”, click & start right away.

What you can do with Google Docs ?

1. Upload existing files on that , so you can share those with teams with 1 click

2. Can keep important data here, so if something happens to system , the date will still be there on g-docs

3. You can create files like Word , Excel , they are called as Documents , spreadsheets that’s all.

4. Forms can be created for survey etc & the data filled can be rightly be taken in excel sheets.

5. Templates can be searched on this where you will get those done by people OR you too can upload your own templates.

6. Instead of Folders , there are “Collections” , but concept is same.

7. Maximum limit of data share is 1 GB.

So why delay now , start using G-docs immediately.

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