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How to Install WordPress on Your Domain from Cpanel

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So, I assume that you have started with an excellent idea for your site , Bought domain & hosting.

If not so , please do that immediately. You can refer the following article for guideline.

Now , I am sharing a video which will explain you how to install wordpress on your domain from cpanel itself. To quickly remind you , cpanel is the control panel software for your hosting account. It is usually provided by your Hosting provider. Hostgator does provide that. One more thing to mention here is to change the nameservers to your hosting account. Chat with hostgator people , they will guide you correctly, and there ae already some great videos there in the cpanel & on hostgator site as well.

After that you will get a link in your email to the cpanel, from where you can install many FREE site designing softwares including WORDPRESS which is the best open source software today. Through that we shall be building our ONLINE business, may be Your own Product or Affiliate Products [selling other’s products & earning commissions] , may be willing to sell your Freelance services or anything.

So here is the Video :-

After this , you can install wordpress on your domain & can start actual site making procedure. In the next aticle , I shall explain you the main things about wordpress & how to customize that.

Image for WordPress Videos

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