How to create WordPress Backup and restore with Blogvault

It all started before 3 months , when 2 of my wordpress blogs got hacked suddenly. My immediate reaction to this was just frustrated , disappointed , then self pity. But thank god , I quickly recovered from this shock & was ready to investigate how it happened. I did find some great & good reasons. I have written a separate post on this as to how you can secure your wordpress installation.

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No doubt , at the end , I have started with First preparing the posts in word , then creating copies of it on external drives & then I upload on site. Then I am also taking the required security measure. Even then , suppose , some day something happens to the site , then ? Is it going to be easy to copy-paste all posts , plugins , themes etc to a new installation ? Just now , if you notice , there will be quite a huge content on my site , if I decide to really copy-paste this , it will take great time. Not an easy job at all!

So , WordPress Backup and Restore  is the only solution. So I first tried out the cpanel method. Horrible to understand. Then I tried the Manual restore through FTP. Again misery. So , I started searhing for similar posts on the internet. I fould EZPZ [Plugin] is “THE WAY” to WordPress Backup and restore. The major motivational force behind this was :-

  1. EZPZ was taking automatic Backup at scheduled times & emailing me
  2. It is “FREE”.

All was going well till I wanted to really “Restore” my lost blog. I faced a lot of locked up time , many technical hassles – may be from my side as I am not a techy guy. Nothing really worked. And all the actual backup process was “On-Site” , involving my internet login time, which was huge.

I did not want this. I wanted some easy , tech-free , may be a “paid” solution to Wordress Backup and restore. Finally I fould Blog Vault to be an excellent solution for this. Here are some key factors , where it proved to be exceptional solution for me :-

  1. FREE trial , for 30 days initially.
  2. It offers backup & a test restore – excellent , as you can see your site recovered [Here you win the battle]
  3. Both processes , happen automatically, no internet time.
  4. Off site , your presense not needed at all.
  5. The support is too good. Akshat Choudhary , the developer , is so prompt , he actually called my office & personally helped us through the recovery restore process , step by step.

The investment is very low : $ 9 for 1 blog/month , but I am going with the $ 19 option , for 3 blogs.

If you too , are seeking a solution to WordPress Backup, Blog Vault will be the no.1 answer to this.

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