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How to convert one time visitors into permanent customers with email marketing.

How to convert one time visitor into permanent customers with email marketing.

You may have excellent product & excellent business setup also & you may have a great looking website through which you are attracting many visitors. In addition you might have advertisement strategies which may be giving you tremendous site visits.

That is great until you are satisfied with the site traffic. But, as you are a businessman & thus, your goal is to increase the sales through your site & ultimately making money for your business.

So the questing is; is your site giving you customers or just giving you windows shoppers ? The answer may be window shoppers if you do not have any email marketing strategy in place.

What is Email Marketing?

In fact , the maximum use (effective) of internet is emailing. So when we use email messages to promote our business the activity called as email marketing.

But, professional email marketing is very much different from the traditional email marketing. What professional email marketing should give you is:

1)      Maximum number of repeat visitors to your site.

2)      More number of conversions from visitor to customer.

3)      More number of repeated buying customers.

4)      Assured email deliverability in inbox. Less “SPAM”.

5)      Increased relationship with your existing customers.

Well here is an extra ordinary opportunity for you, to learn all aspect of email marketing.

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