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How to Cancel Recurring Paypal Payments

When you begin your ONLINE lifestyle , the most you will come across is Online payment to various merchants.  Many of them tell you to start at just 1 $. Don’t be under misconception that the whole suite is offered to you at 1 $. There may be many catches. So here are some instructions before you buy or sign up for any program online :-

  1. Check detailed offer. DO NOT join in a hurry
  2. Don’t buy unless you check. Many times the start is 1 $. These merchants collect your paypal information or credit card information & connect that to a regular monthly payment schedule.
  3. So, in such a case (2) , please be sure to – mark the date in calendar when the next date is due

Or go to paypal after 1 st payment OR go to your credit card’s portal , cancel the monthly subscription.

  1. There are many on the internet who also do not bind you in monthly grind.
  2. Always talk to support portal of the buyer & get assured , otherwise your account will be automatically debited.
  3. Here is how you can quickly decactivate paypal recurring subscriptions :-

Go to your paypal account – Profile -My Money -My preapproved payments-Update- Cancel — Check the status is “Cancelled”.


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