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How do you convert your desktop website to mobile website ?

Sr. No. Training Date Program Description Trainee Profile DurationOrganizer Place
349th Oct 2018Conversion Focused Digital Marketing-Business Associates4 HoursOrganic RetailersPune
33July 2018Digital Marketing Training-Business Associates-MCEDSolapur
32 June 2018Digital Marketing Training-Business Associates-Sigma Consultancy Services & Ambad Industries Manufactures Associations Nashik
31 June 2018Digital Marketing Training-Business Associates-Soham ConsultancyNashik
305th, 6th & 7th June 2018 Digital Marketing Training-Business Associates3 DaysMCEDNagpur
29 31st May 2018Digital Marketing Training-Business Associates2 DaysMCEDNashik
28 May 2018Digital Marketing Training-Business Associates4 DaysMulticare Universal SkillsLonavala
27 March 2018Digital Marketing Training-Business Associates3 HoursIndian Institute of Education Pune Pune
2622rd, 23rd & 24th March 2018Digital Marketing Training-Business Associates3 DaysMCEDNagpur
2523rd, 24th & 25th Feb 2018Digital Marketing Training-Business Associates3 DaysMCEDPimpri -Chinchwad, Pune
249th Feb 2018Digital Marketing Training -Business Associates10 m PresentationSaturday ClubPanvel Chapter.
236th Feb 2018Conversion Focused Digital Marketing-Sales Executives, Business Associates, Owners-Marathi Entrepreneur Network Pune
2227, 28 & 29th Jan 2018Digital Marketing Training-Sales Executives, Business Associates, Owners3 DaysMCEDPune
2116, 17 & 18th Dec 2017Digital Marketing Training-Sales Executives, Business Associates, Owners3 DaysMCEDPimpri -Chinchwad, Pune
2010 Oct 2017Digital Marketing Team TrainingImplementing Digital marketing to get more sales conversionsSales Executives, Business Associates, Owners1 DayDentist Dr. DhawalePune
19Sept 2017Digital Marketing Team CoachingImplementing Necessary Digital Marketing Strategy into the Marketing MixSales Executives, Business Associates, Admin Staff & Owners

2 Months (Ongoing)Ties Management and Career Development Institute Pvt. LtdPune
18Sept 2017Digital Marketing5 DaysMIT CollegePune
1715, 16th & 17th Sept 2017Digital Marketing3 DaysMCEDPune
169 & 10th Sept 2017Digital Marketing2 DaysConcept MediaAurangabad
156th & 7th Sept 2017Digital Marketing Team TrainingUsing Digital Marketing to Convert Leads into business & Generating more leads thru Online MarketingSales Executives , Business Associates, Admin Staff & Owners2 DaysTies Management and Career Development Institute Pvt. LtdPune
1420th Aug 2017 Digital Marketing 3 HoursM/c Concept MediaAurangabad
137th , 8th & 9th July 2017Digital Marketing3 DaysMCEDPune
1221st , 22nd & 23th June 2017Digital Marketing3 DaysMCEDPune
1121th & 22nd May 2017Digital Marketing2 DaysMCEDPune
1029th & 30th March 2017Digital Marketing2 DaysMCEDPune
924th, 25th & 26th March 2017Digital Marketing3 DaysMCEDPune
828th Feb 2017Digital Marketing 8 HoursMCEDShivajinagar, Pune
73rd, 4th & 5th Feb 2017Digital Marketing3 DaysMCEDShivajinagar, Pune
613th Jan 2017Business Plan3 HoursD. Y. Patil College of EngineeringPune
56th, 7th & 8th Jan 2017Digital Marketing Workshop3 DaysMCEDChinchwad, Pune
422nd Dec 2016Training Session at BYST3 HoursBYST Pune
310th Dec 2016Online Marketing2 DaysSigma Consultancy Services Nashik
225th Nov 2016Online Marketing3 HoursAmbad Industries Manufactures Associations Nashik
121st Oct 2016Digital Marketing2 DaysMCEDPune

Actually you do not need to convert the existing site.

What you have to do is to create a separate mobile version of your website. It is a separate site altogether. The mobile site will have some kind of a code which is called as a redirect code, which is installed on your existing site. Then it automatically detects the kind of browser, whether desktop or mobile; and accordingly the version is displayed.

How to go about this ?

Free Way :- Duda Mobile is one of them where you can not only check but can also get your mobile website for FREE. There is no problems in going for a FREE plan, but it always has some limitations as nothing is free in this world, so with Duda Mobile as well.

The limitations in the Free Version :-

1. The Tap to Call Button :- In fact this is the most important button in the mobile site, as the action on a mobile phone after search is …..Call.

2. Number of views Lock :- There is a lock for number of views. And it is very less. If you promote your site & people will suddenly stop seeing that after a number of views. This is really not affordable to a businessman.

3. Support :- The Free Site/sites are mainly DIY type, that is – Do It Yourself. So if you need any help, support; where can you get that ? Besides that, there are many technical limitations, but it is an excellent place to start with and test your version.

Pay for the Service :-

This is the best way. You get a suitable developer to understand your needs, which buttons you want on site and then get your mobile site designed that way. Pay for service, support. If you are interested, write to us, we too can help you with a good mobile compatible site design. So that the transition of your site to mobile website is smooth & trouble free.

Before you decide , the steps :-

1. Do you have a website first ? Get it , if you DO NOT have.

2. Get proper keywords on your site , so it appears early in Google Search Results

3. Mobile site is ACTION oriented, only keep action tabs on mobile site.

Once your initial things are clear start with the Mobile Site Design. Hire a good service [like us] . Also establish your mobile marketing plan. In your Mobile Marketing Plan, you should have :-

(a) QR Code system :- This is printing a type of code on your site/pages/print material, so that when someone scans the the code through a smart phone, he should be taken to your action pages. E.g . Your signup page OR shopping cart or sales page etc. This marketing strategy is very powerful as it eliminated many steps in between.

(b) SMS Campaign :- This is well known and very popular. No need to talk much about this.

(c) Apps :- Installing proper apps on your smartphone so marketing becomes easier. E.g. apps like Linked In app, Facebook App, Twitter , Pinterest , Youtube etc. The same time you should also make sure :- You install a proper antivirus app on mobile device.And also a proper memory card system so all the data gets routed to the memory card.

First of all get a proper smartphone. I don’t say buy an expensive phone, but an android phone from company like Samsung, LG, micromax , sony should be good enough. The point is :- It should be able to do well with all your marketing work .

What kind of marketing work ?

1. Photo sharing

2. Data Sharing

3. Social Media updates

4. Youtube Videos

5. Pinterest pictures & infographics

These kind of activities will improve your presense in social media. Besides that, no barrier to generating “your only” creative ideas. Best Luck

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