How a Local Business in Pune uses customer reviews to grow his business

Importance of Reviews

If you are a businessman, it is very clear that a recommendation from someone is the most important thing for a business owner. In Online Business process , this is far more important to take reviews. We have seen business owners go east to west & north to south to grab business contracts. But reviews & testimonials ? there are hardly a few who really bother to take.

But luckily, there are a few like Mr. Parshuram Pardeshi from Sai Creations, Pune who really take reviews very very seriously. And why not ? According to him, it is reviews from customers which is making his business grow by multifolds. Look at some extra ordinary results he got from Google My Business Listing

Results from Google My Business Listing.

We interviewed him last week. Here is the Audio MP3 of the Interview. Please feel free to listen it. And more important, use it !

Here are the important points from his Interview:-

1. There are two ways Parshuram runs his Business. Creating Embroidered Logos , designs for uniforms, Bags , Aprons etc. He also supplies logo designs to U.S. companies, U.K. companies. His Other unit sells T-Shirts, Sweat shirts etc to customers, for this also he creates Embroidered logos.

2. He collects Reviews on Just Dial and Google My Business.

3. He studied Just Dial. When anyone enquirers something on Justdial, Just dial sends them at least 6 supplier details. More importantly, it also mentions how many Reviews each supplier has. Parshuram noted that his competitors had hardly any reviews.He started collecting reviews, as on date he has 246 reviews on Justdial. Here itself he wins the battle.On Google My Business also, he has recently reached to 100 mark, which wins him the battle.

4. On completion of work, he tells every customer to give review. If he can’t catch him personally, then he contacts him on phone. He has created a special SMS text in which he mentions his GMB page link, on which the customer posts his/her review. However, the customers also need to be followed up for reviews. Parshuram sometimes calls them several times.

5. He educates the clients on how to offer reviews. Just Dial Customers however give reviews on the spot as well. On follow up , almost everyone gives review. Still , it’s a tough time to get a review. Review culture is not very evident in India.

6. On Just Dial , Client gets 6 suppliers , whereas on GMB, The client directly sees the whole shop online. When he sees reviews on GMB , customer gets convinced more easily. In addition the pictures , photos make it more easy for a customer to take decision.

7. Just Dial is a paid platform , costing around Rs. 4,000/- per month whereas GMB listing is totally free. However it does not mean that a paid platform makes it everything for you. You still need to make it work.

8. Google My Business provides a Dashboard on which there is a Tab Called “info” . There you can update your business category. Google suggests that. This is the way you can appear in search results.

9. Parshuram can be reached on 9850125208 and email Just Dial listing : Sai Creations, Shivajinagar, Pune.

10. He tops on Google if you type “Embroidery Services in Pune”. Just try it.

Our Suggestions / Comments:-

# It’s not just sufficient to create your listings on Just Dial or Portals, Also needed to optimize them, otherwise you will loose the gem of opportunities. Most important is the “reviews” part which actually tells how important are you for the client, the consumer. Do Take reviews very seriously.

# Reviews is also a Follow up activity. You should do that rigorously as a religious activity. Like a sales follow up; however , here is a Top-up comment : Don’t overdo it. It may irritate a customer.

# SEO is a result of getting reviews, the easiest of all. We have created one more success story how one other business ranked 1st in its niche from scratch. Please read it here.





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