Google My Business Introduces Messaging as Well !

Messaging Feature by Google My Business

Google My Business is Introducing Many New Tools Now !

It’s another powerful feature for getting those “Conversions”. Truly, in future , Digital Marketing will be more flying towards “Converting” the leads into business. And these are the little things needed by a local small business. Someone interested wants to Contact, may be a message…! This is now introduced by Google My Business (GMB).

It was earlier just Google Maps, then it was places. Now Google My Business. The fully featured Map Listings for Google. It helps you to be your business findable on local searches. It has many features, but truly, it is a better alternative to SEO. How to get your business over there can be read on this post.

You can use it as a Blog too !

Not a fully functional Blog; but you can surely use this to go and talk about your business,at least with the local audience now. It has “Posts” option. Go an create posts of 100 words easily & publish. There are great options under the “Posts” as well. Explore them yourself.

You can use Paid Ads also

Use Google Adwords with not much complications. Use the Ads option on Google My Business, set up your monthly budget, and Boom ! So Simple.

Then there are reviews : The best feature which help the conversion

Getting leads, enquiries is fine. But what about getting them converted, right ? It is the reviews which get them converted. Use Google my Business Reviews & convert leads into actual business.

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