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What is marketing through Internet?

Marketing is a well known subject. Hence whatever we do in internet marketing is very much like our traditional marketing ,only the methods & tools will differ a little bit.

The major difference is that with Internet marketing, there is nothing “Physical” exist. At the same time, the distinct advantage is we can reach at any part of the world in seconds. And our selling can be “ON” 24X7X365. Our sales ,money transaction etc can take place even when we are a asleep.

Before we start Internet Marketing.

1) Your Computer System :  As the major tool, equipment & vehicle in this venture will be “Computer” , hence it has to be well in order & not very old version, say last 1-2 years is ok.

 2) Antivirus:  Through various websites, there will be a huge amount of data exchange. As you know there is a great threat of “Viruses”, which may completely spoil our efforts, damage the system etc. the best way to protect this is to install a good reliable “PAID” antivirus system, Why “Paid”? because of support. I have “Quick heal” installed on all my computers. I have enjoyed an excellent support.

 3) Plan :   Prepare a nice plan on how you will save data on your computer, what names you will assign them & where that will get saved. The locations. Follow discipline.

 4) Passwords:  Various sites will demand your Name, E-mial ID  etc. best way is to keep a note of all of these on a paper in a notebook. Keep the notebook in a secret place.

 5)  Backup:   Keep a habit of daily backup. Disconnect the internet when taking backup. Use pen drive /external hard disk for backup.

 6)  Internet connection :  Use Broadband connection, USB modem is best if you are moving around places. While wired Broadband is BEST if you are stationary.

 7)  Email Provider:  What we shall be using maximum is “EMAIL” so it is very very important that we should have the best email service. Gmail is the BEST today. Why Gmail ?

As internet is “One Click” marketing tool, many like you & me use that. Millions of mails can be sent with 1 click. This is called as “SPAM”. It is shear “Waste”. Gmail has very good “SPAM” filters.

With Gmail , you will be exposed to the great world of “Google”. We shall be using many of Google’s tools here onwards like tasks, calendar , labels , Google Docs, youtube , blogger etc.

 So the tip is shift to Gmail immediately. Don’t worry ,you can still get all emails from the old email ID & can import contacts also. Here is how you can do it.

Let us say you have a “Rediff” mail ID now,

a)      Create a new Gmail account.

b)      Go to rediffmail – Mail option – Forward

c)       Give the newly created gmail ID

Now, when anyone sends you a mail on your Rediff email ID, you will get that on the new gmail INBOX

d)      Go to Rediff mails – Contacts – Export.

e)      Save the contacts file as .csv to your desktop.

f)       Now go to gmail – Contacts – Import.

g)      Import the contacts file form desktop.

h)      DONE.

Now , all your contacts will be visible in gmail also.

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