Directory Press – How to make the Contact Owner Button Work for Admin & Listing Owner both ?

Directory press is a powerful WordPress Directory Theme, through which you can create directories very easily, but with some customizations. For this purpose , you need to have good working WordPress knowledge. You need not know Coding, PHP, HTML etc, as I personally do not have knowledge, but if you have it , it would be the best.

First understand that “Contact Owner” and PM – personal Message is the same.

By Default , if you [as an admin of the directory] want to receive a notification when a visitor visits one of the listings on your directory and sends a personal message to the listing owner directly through the “Contact Owner” button , the LISTING OWNER gets a notification , NOT THE ADMIN.

But there is a way out here, I shall share what I have done :-

  1. Go to Email Manager–> Create Email –>Say “ Customer is asking for you” or similar.
  2. Go to Email Manager–>Email Configuration –>Website/User Account Emails –> Private Message –>Save.
  3. Now go to your Gmail–> Settings–> Filter–> Subject–>” Customer is asking for you”–> Apply Label–> Contact Owner.
  4. Now test , you will see the message going to the “ContactOwner” Label directly.
  5. Now within the label —Search with the unique username of the list owner & you will find the particular message.
  6. This you can forward to his email ID

This way, Your listing owner also gets his message and you too get notified about that !


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