Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Like most businesses, you’ll have a limited budget to spend on marketing. Every penny counts and you or your boss will want to know the value it contributes to increasing the reach of your brand, driving traffic to your site, increasing your followers or fans on social media platforms and most of all, sales and revenue.

While Digital marketing and advertising can be complex, the Digital Marketing solutions available are in no short supply. It is now possible to create an AdWords or other account yourself and have a digital campaign running this afternoon – or, you can work with a Digital Marketing partner or agency to achieve your organizational goal of product marketing.

With so many technologies and methodologies available to digital marketers today, even seasoned digital marketers with ample experience could be making serious (and avoidable) mistakes that will prevent their campaigns from ever achieving acceptable performance.

It could be that you have developed some bad habits over the years. Or maybe you came into digital marketing from another field and missed out on a few ground-floor basics. Read this article 5 Digital Marketing Mistakes Your Brand Should Avoid, written by Gabriel Shaoolian, in Forbes dated September 8 th 2017, on what to avoid while marketing your brand online.


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