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Content can be created on the Go !

The Modern day digital marketing relies highly on Content. This Content has 4 steps:-

Create–> Post–> Distribute–> Engage.

The first step is crucial. You need not always depend upon outside sources (Curated Content), but also should constantly look up to newer ideas as well. Why not create content on the Go?

 What does that mean?

“Creating Content On the Go” means picking out the happenings around you & re-purposing them for your Niche. For example, recently we had been on a vacation trip to Kolhapur. It was a purely Jungle-Hide Out Resort. As a group, we decided to visit a place called “Bara-Motechi-Vihir”,  A Well which has 12 Lifts; an ancient Water Management system. We all really enjoyed the whole process. Visit to a pollution free place, the touches of history to it, the fresh vegetables over there, the houses, the old village (though changing fast), every thing. The Water Management system, itself is really great to see how our ancient rulers used to think about their people.

The Content Idea

Experiencing this whole itself can be a content in itself. But, I being a more specific Digital Marketing Professional, left that aside & just concentrated on one thing:

The Water Management System. As it is my major niche. We have an other business where we undertake training’s for Water Business. This will be more meaningful for that.

What is Niche Digital Marketing?

#Tip : Always Be Focused.

The Content Creation Process

Once it was fixed, I took maximum Photos (Curation later on) with my Mobile Device (No DSLR Camera needed) and also conducted an Interview of the Guide-Cum-Entrepreneur Mr Ravi about the Water Management System. This was a Video. Now, we are in a process to create a post on that, uploading the Video with English Subtitles, an audio extraction from that, and also a PDF or PPT displaying the whole system.

Where will that be Posted?

We are Planning to post this not on OUR site, but on an other authority portal. Posting on OUR SITE will surely get more viewers to the article, immediately, right ? Still, why are we posting on an OTHER site & donating them the Traffic? It is because of certain reasons:-

1. The Subject of the post will be “Water Management System”, which is NOT our Niche.We are into Bottled Water Business Training’s.

2. Posting on our site will give us good “Appreciation”; but that’s it. Posting on the Other specialized Focus Subject Site will give us authority + traffic + branding advantage.

3. Search Engines Love Subject Focused Sites, thus it’s more likely to get more traffic through posting on the subject specific (Niche) Site.

4. Ultimately, we shall be reaching additional audience through this strategy which increases the reach & demography as well.

In addition to the above “Article Posting” Method, we shall also post it to our Facebook Page, Slideshare and Email Newsletter with a summary snippet. This is Content Distribution. People will share if the like it.

What Next?

Nothing, actually. We shall wait for responses to come. Shall answer the queries very promptly. That’s all. We usually do everything in the creation & posting process itself to create the engagement. And it is not to create excitement, but more informative. We see to it that our content gets consumed in the maximum ways on the post itself. So we create:

  • Text
  • PDF
  • PPT
  • Video
  • Audio

Ultimately we need more serious, subject Focused, Meaningful Audience to engage with us, not just hey wire. Less is Good.

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