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Click Farms: a Plague needs to be controlled at the right time.

If the next time someone is boasting to you about the likes or the page views of their website gets or a huge number of followers on social media, you might be surprised on how this can be achieved. While Digital Marketing is doing wonders in getting the business run in a profitable manner, there are other consequences to it where spam marketing and fake advertising of the business has become a headache.

The so called click-farms are plaguing our digital society today and are used to inflate traffic and performance to anybody who wants their website boosted by paying a small amount for big number of likes and fake reviews.

Click-farms are one of the many online scams plaguing our digital society and have become one of the biggest headaches for social media giants. Widespread in developing nations with low wages but high tech penetration rates, click-farms can be found in countries like India, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Indonesia, where workers are hired to click and inflate online traffic for websites or boost followers of social media profiles.

The consequences of this to genuine companies who operate their advertising through Digital Marketing platform will be huge. Probable loss in consumer confidence and resulting negative brand image is the danger arising out of such click farms.

Read on here to understand more on this topic. Want more ‘likes’ on Facebook? Click farms can get you thousands of it at just $2 By Nilesh Christopher, Aritra Sarkhel in Economic Times Bureau.

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