Digital Marketing Workshop at Aurangabad

2-Days Digital Marketing Workshop at Aurangabad After an initial Introductory Session at Aurangabad, we conducted a Workshop on Digital Marketing for 2 full days at the same venue. The Training took place on 9 & 10 th September, Saturday & Sunday. Usually we conduct these sessions for 3 days. But on request of Mr Arvind Phalke from Concept Media, Aurangabad […]

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How to Use Digital Marketing Platform

How to Use Digital Marketing Platform: Digital Marketing plays very important role in every business. It provides great opportunity to improve engagement with the customer but the Digital Marketing can be very difficult, if we don’t know how to apply it. On 6th and 7th September, we conducted special training for the sales team of Ties Management and Career Development […]

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Digital Marketing Introductory Session at Aurangabad

Digital Marketing Intro Session at Aurangabad

Digital Marketing Intro Session We hold Introductory Sessions on Digital Marketing, which typically consist of 2-3 hours, in which the participants are introduced to the world of Digital Marketing in a nutshell. Various aspects like Strategy, Social Media, Paid Ads, Keywords & taking business to public are covered during the same. The participants are also given the training materials. Recently, […]

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Conceited Statuses of Social Media App Users

Opinions about instagram

Sarah Young, in her article “Vainest Social Network? Instagram” published in “The Times of India”, dated 4th April 2017, brings out the reality behind the social network apps, focusing especially on Instagram users’ self-admiring behavior. Social media apps have become so dominant on user’s day to day life, that the users are inventing new ways to increase their presence and […]

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Meet the best NLP Trainer in Pune : Ms Raviebala Kakatkar !

NLP Trainer in Pune-Raviebala Kakatkar

Do you know what is NLP ? NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It means programming the mind in the language it understands. This is used to get extra ordinary results with a clear & right understanding. On my entrepreneurial journey I did face many ups & downs, the downs many a times were due to a kind of depression […]

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BYST Pune – taking mentoring on wheels to entrepreneurs

What is BYST Pune ? BYST Pune is a Platform launched under the CII , to help entrepreneurs to get Loans & Proper mentorship to pay the loans on time. The Loans are usually Guarantor Free & Collateral Free. Actually , BYST is a nationwide activity , in Pune , it runs 3 chapters : Hadapsar , Pune City , […]

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A Technical Expert explains on how reviews will actually help your business grow very fast

Mr. Satish Kota

How does the review system work actually ? We did see in some posts (like the Embroidery Business or the Kids Care Institution) on how small local businesses do comfortably well. In both the cases, the business owners do take considerably good amount of efforts to get reviews. Is that sufficient? Or there are some other great , but relatively […]

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How a Local Business in Pune uses customer reviews to grow his business

Importance of Reviews If you are a businessman , it is very clear that a recommendation from someone is the most important thing for a business owner. In Online Business process , this is far more important to take reviews. We have seen business owners go east to west & north to south to grab business contracts. But reviews & […]

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