Can you “Unblock” someone on Facebook ?

What do you mean by “Block” ?

As we all are aware of a fact that When we start Online, particularly , our books are open to people. People go and comment on our walls, posts etc. Can we really stop that ? Yes, to some extent, facebook has provided us the choice of setting up our priorities. But as a default , facebookis majorly used to grow our online friends circle. Andin doing so, we go on adding people, people goon adding you; sometimes when your lists start growing , people start observing and following you. Theyhave different opinions or remarks , reactions on what you say.

These reactions, you may agree with or may not agree with. If this is happening in a modest way; it’s okay. But what will you do if it’s bothering you beyond your tolerance level ? You will feel like “God…Please let this fellow STOP this nonsense”. Will he stop it ? Don’t know. But there is a way by which you can stop his nonsense coming to YOU.At least on Facebook. This is called “Block”ing.

How can you Block someone ?

How to Block / Unblock on Facebook

Just go to top upper right corner of your facebook profile page , Select “Privacy¬† Shortcuts” , then go to “How do I stop someone from Bothering Me” and select the ones you need to block.What if you change your mind afterwards ?No problems, just check all the users you blocked & manually “Unblock” them to re activate.

Usually this won’t happen if you carefully choose your audience with a purpose. This becomes easier when you know what Niche your Audience belongs to. You can download a FREE Training Manual from this post where we guided mentors to an entrepreneurs club recently.

Another way is to learn through the Published Articles on the Site.

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