BYST Pune – taking mentoring on wheels to entrepreneurs

What is BYST Pune ?

BYST Pune is a Platform launched under the CII , to help entrepreneurs to get Loans & Proper mentorship to pay the loans on time. The Loans are usually Guarantor Free & Collateral Free. Actually , BYST is a nationwide activity , in Pune , it runs 3 chapters : Hadapsar , Pune City , PCMC & Rural at Baramati. Besides this , there are many more chapters.

How does BYST Pune Work

Under BYST Pune, there are two major streams :

1 The entrepreneurs who wish to take loans

2 The Mentors who help the entrepreneurs gain expertise to run their businesses successfully.

The BYST Pune Administration keeps coordinating the activities from time to time.

Usually , any entrepreneur , who is seeking finance , approaches BYST Pune for Loan. BYST counsellers do the counseling job and guide them properly on how to be eligible for a Bank Loan , how to prepare Project Documents etc. Once approved, Loan gets disbursed from affilliated banks. Then BYST offers them a Mentor who hand hold the entrepreneurs. There are many successful entrepreneurs in BYST.

Who are the Mentors ?

Mentor discuss each case at BYST Pune

Mentors are usually experienced , veteran people in the industry. They, by virtue of their expertise guide the mentees from time to time. For this , monthly chapter meetings are held at regional offices and issues are discussed. The entrepreneurs get tremendous help from the mentor’s experience.

Field Visits


Recently , BYST Pune mentors with some entrepreneurs visited Engineering Cluster, Pune . They could study very reasonably priced services provided by them.

Special Learning Sessions

That’s not all. Recently , BYST Pune extended their educational support by organizing 3 excellent sessions at Pune , the subjects being :-

All the sessions received a great welcome by the participants & BYST Pune has assured more and more such sessions to arrive in future.

Do you want Loan ?

Come to BYST Pune. They are eager to support you in all respects.Just reply to this post or shoot an email to & we shall fix up a meeting for you !



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