Buying Domain & Hosting for a New Website

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Well, this subject is so vast , many people have many opinions about this. I will share what method I have found to be the best :-

1.Decide what you have decided to sell e.g. “Catering Services”
2.Decide “where” you want to sell that e.g. “Pune,India”
3.Then actually I will first define my services like this :-
“Catering Services in Pune”
4.Now I will do a little Keyword Research on this , See the Video below :-

[imaioVideo v=1]
5.But any case , shall not spend more than 30 minutes to decide a domain name.
6.Buy a Domain Name with for 1 year.
7.Then Buy Hosting with [ Buy the Baby Plan] I can host multiple websites at a fixed monthly cost. Hostgator to buy within India

8.I shall add Nameservers to my Domain [ Follow the videos I get from Hostgator]
9.Now Shall Add WordPress from my Cpanel- Fantastico- Softwares
10. Start Site Designing with WORDPRESS.

This is an ideal plan I follow , literally for all my websites.

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