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A Technical Expert explains on how reviews will actually help your business grow very fast

How does the review system work actually ?

We did see in some posts (like the Embroidery Business or the Kids Care Institution) on how small local businesses do comfortably well. In both the cases, the business owners do take considerably good amount of efforts to get reviews. Is that sufficient? Or there are some other great , but relatively simpler ways to spread these Reviews elsewhere?

We recently interviewed a Consultant and an author of Book on Reputation Management, Mr Satish Kota, to guide people on how they can flourish quickly in their Business with relatively non-techy & simpler techniques. Here is an audio MP3 of the same.

Summary of The Interview of Mr Satish Kota

1. Reputation is actually making other people talk about you whereas Branding is talking more about you. Reputation creates a Trust Factor.

2. Collecting Reviews is the best way to build your reputation.

3. Reviews is a Trust Creating Factor. It is actually a qualifying factor into one’s subconscious mind.

4. More than 100 million people are on Facebook from India, meaning internet plays major role in decision making while buying a product.

5. Small Businesses need to structure their online marketing strategy for getting the best from Internet , the best way is to capitalize on their existing customers. Let people know what you are best at.

6. In order not to get affected by sometime unhappy customers you may have (every business has) , getting reviews from every customer becomes a fundamental strategy in your Online Marketing campaign. (Read how a Pune Local Embroidery Business does this on every sale occassion).

7. You can Push Reviews to Facebook , Push Reviews to your Website, let Google & Social Media know that you have a solid reputation & your Trust Factor grows. Thus your Brand Value increases. instead of pushing your product, push Reviews.

8. Social Media Channel differ from Network to Network.

9. Revbay is a Tool where you can Push your reviews on these various networks. Revbay is a common tool which will let you manage your Brand Presence & Reputation.

10. Revbay Aggregates content from various places & distributes to various networks. e.g. If you have a Review on Facebook Page, Revbay pushes it to Linkedin Page. Similarly, you also get a Widget on your website so that all these reviews are also visible on your website. You can take a Good review from Website & Push it to Twitter as well.

11. Revbay also has a Mobile App, making it very easy for a customer at the POS – Point of Sale. Which can be shared on Search, and also the Social Media.

12. Revbay is recognised by Google (One of the 30 review sites in India ) and they collect reviews from Revbay to show them into search results. Be sure, if you follow the system , within 2-3 months, you can see yourself on Google’s Top Listing.

13. In addition to review features, Revbay also has various pages like About Us, Contact Us, Offerings, News, Reviews etc, Photos Videos etc. With Revbay, it becomes as good as your Website itself !

14. In addition to this , there is also an “Enquiry Form” which pops up. If you have reviews & content on Revbay, and if you are pushing it; it is linked back to Revbay Landing Page. The system waits for 30 seconds, and pops an Enquiry Form and mails it to the page owner. This way Revbay also operates like a Lead Generation Tool.

15. You get an Email + an SMS which prompts you that you have a Lead.

16. Revbay also comes with Video Review feature as well. It’s a part of its premium Version. You can establish more credibility with Video Review. Through Mobile App you can record a Video & push the same immediately.

17. Revbay also has a facility for people to offer Video Review through Laptop as well. This way, you get more visits to your pages, websites etc.

18. Between Text & Video Review, More preference is given to Video Reviews.

19. Revbay also offers you an opportunity to share reviews.

20 Revbay is a 360 degree tool for small business. We, Joy Web Services Pvt Ltd is a channel Partner. You also need to create content online to make the best of Revbay.

Our Suggestion

# Develop a Habit of collecting reviews on the Go from Clients.

# Use Revbay for collecting Reviews , use Video Reviews if budget permits.

# Also manage all other things from one single Revbay Dashboard.

# Start sharing online on social networks & get newer clients !

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6 comments on “A Technical Expert explains on how reviews will actually help your business grow very fast

Very good interview. It deals with exact requirements for the online business to grow.
Thanks for sharing

S M Ghotikar

Dear Mr Salunke,

Thanks. I am sure you will implement this !


Its really very helpful post. I definitely use it for my business


Thank you very much for the valuable information.

S M Ghotikar

Thanks Ashish. Ibelieve you are already on the newsletter list, not to miss our updates.


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