A Simple Trick for Whatsapp Posting

The negative side of Whatsapp & Other Social Platforms

The Social Platforms have made the life of all of us quite easy & convenient to reach, talk to each other. The friends who were distantly placed , now , are very easy to find & network with. There are school reunions , college get togethers , alumni meets everywhere. And where do they catch you up ? On social networks ! Then the old good-bad friendship days begin once again with all the Good-Bad flavours attached to them.

People start reacting

People , surprisingly are very reactive on these social networks. As if we talk to each other. And then they regret ….”Oh shit ! I shouldn’t have said this !” But what’s the use later ? Post has been created , and effects of it spread very very fast. In fact , when it’s sensational, it spreads very fast. Then the regret, apology , and all …!


I have figured out an easy solution to this. I have created a group with me & myself only. Invisibly there are two members in the group; but physically just ONE – Just me. How do I do this ? Simple. I have created a group named “Self Thoughts”. I first added one friend of mine and then removed him, so just 1 member left out now-ME. Then I am posting whatever I want to (if it’s crucial) on this group first, read that , rehearse it , and then I post it finally wherever I want.

Simple , isn’t it ?

Indeed. Simple to think, implement. But as all the other things in the world, difficult to continue. Consistency is always challenging. I have figured out a way to be consistent , you can read on my other blog.

Try it out !


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