5 Tips to get Good Reviews to your Business

Can you really control what people talk on your back?

Not really. They may talk good, bad or ugly too ! Depending upon their experience. Period.

The last sentence is the utmost important thing. And that truly decides the value of your offering. The experience the user got from that. Communication is the Response you get, not what you said. So it’s the people using your product or service may be which talks it all.

How does it relate to your Marketing?

With time, Marketing mediums too went over a change. Online or Digital is a very common thing now. Whether you run a brick & mortar business or an E commerce Site ; you need to go online. And whether you like it or not , the buyers are online. Just have a look at what typically happens :-

  • You advertise your Services/Products
  • You start getting Leads
  • You Offer Proposals/ Quote
  • People Go and Check You on Google

The Result :-

  1. If they find Good reviews, they decide further :- This depends upon their priority. They may go immediately or keep you in mind for future. But Good reviews (say a score > 4.2 at least) leaves a positive mark – at least not a negative one – on you.
  2. If they find Bad Reviews (Lesser than a score of 3.0) , you almost loose a chance to be in their minds.
  3. If they find NO review, it is at least better than having Bad reviews, as the site visitor will forgive you by labeling you as a “not too smart online savvy guy” ! But still , you loose ground compared to the one who has good ratings & reviews.

Does the score matter really ?

Yes. The Score is an Average of your Total Score. Meaning , the lesser the score indicating you having more BAD ratings and Higher the score , you having more GOOD ratings. People , mostly at a glance will visit your profile if they find Higher Scores. It qualifies you further to let them have a look at what they want to say exactly. Then they will read reviews and may make their own decisions.

Look at the following review to One of My Google My Business Pages


Here are 5 Tips to get more “Good” Reviews

1.Spell out very clearly as to “What” is that which you are offering.

To get people say good, first offer them good. To my opinion, majority of us offer Good, Useful things only. To some , they may be lesser useful; that’s all. Secondly, if your things are really that Useless, you won’t survive at all. So let’s be sure , that whatever we are offering is Good & we want to let people say “Good” officially, that too, on Google. Better communicate it to people exactly What you are offering. I mean to say : They shouldn’t feel that they wanted something else , and what was offered , though good, was not Relevant. Relevancy, and being spelt out clearly is important.

e.g. If your restaurant is offering Mexican Food specially; mention it clearly. Don’t just say “Continental Food”.

2. Create a Culture of Collecting Reviews across your organization

Most of the entrepreneurs I meet are very good offline. Most of them have excellent Client base, spread across the country, globe. They also have good relation with the customers; in certain cases, they also have those “Testimonial” kind of letters, endorsements with them. But when we advise them to get those online , they get shy. You should educate (first yourself) that you are definitely asking a favor, but in a win win way. The review also elevates the client. Also gives him visibility. This point should be emphasized and taught to the staff members. Whenever, wherever possible, they SHOULD collect those reviews.

Get a “Video” review , if possible.

I know, it’s getting more uncomfortable ; but getting a Video review is the best way. Do you know why ? This offers you an opportunity to create 4-5 versions of content which can be posted which will further engage more audience.From a Video , you can get an Audio , a Text Version straight away. This is difficult from just a text review.

3. Incentivize Reviewers & Staffers (if required)

If required , introduce some kind of Incentive to the Clients by offering them special discounts on offers or some Free Ecourse , Ebook (of Top quality-no crap please). If you have more points of sale, incentivizing staff members in addition can also be a good idea.

4. Run Special Review Campaigns

Hold special events , where you can get those “Good-Speaking” clients in a bulk.You can host an event Like “Get together for Loyal Clients” or may run a social activity where the chances of people reviewing you stand better chances.

5. Respond to the “Bad” Reviews too !

Don’t leave those Bad Reviews like that. Please go further and instead of being personal with the “Bad”ness of the review, ask the reviewer , questions like :-

“Thanks for the honest feedback. May I know what exactly went wrong?”

“Thanks for taking time & reviewing us. This gives us an opportunity to improve.”

And really mean it. See what you can do best about the issue which has been reported and see to it that it has been followed upto the end. After this, report the rectified case to the reviewer & ask him/her to comment on that , if he can. There are chances that he may comment & turn you from “Bad” to “Good” !

These are the Best 5 Tips to make the best of the reviews. However, at the bottom line, please keep in mind :-

1. It’s the service/product is rated , not YOU, don’t get personal.

2. A review is a Feedback. Not an opinion. If it’s an opinion; it’s an experience based opinion.

3. Ultimately, the total score counts , More reviews…More Positives, Simple.

Hope you enjoyed the article. Waiting for your comments & suggestions.

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