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5 Gmail Tools to make your Outgoing mail more professional

When it comes to Internet marketing, Email is the first & still the most widely used application. With internet , almost all physical correspondence came to very minimal. Obviously, marketers started to use & apply all techniques in the Emails which we use every time to correspond.

So, how can we make our messages look more Professional ?

  • Change the “From” Name. Instead of the default name , you can insert the name of your business in all the outgoing emails to look more professional.With that you can also change the “Reply-to” name.



  • Insert “Signature”. Every outgoing email is a branding tool for you. Your messages change , but what does not change is the sender, that is you , aka your business. Why not take an advantage of this excellent opportunity ? Inside signature , you can insert an image, logo , latest offer etc, and at the same time , it can be linked to your corresponding webpage or offer page.


  • Use “Vacation Responder”. If you are out on a vacation , you can inform visitors about your unavailability Or if you are creative enough , can divert them to a more attractive or sales page of yours ! Keep selling !



  • Canned Response” to make & send your pre-formatted messages. If you receive inquiries or questions , which you have a fix type of answers or replies, you need not copy-paste them from desktop or micros. Instead use Canned response. It’s a great tool by Gmail. Has to be activated from Labs.


  • Use “Rich Text Editor” instead of a plain text editor. Yes, you can use Plain text editor if you are President Obama , but if you are not, you have to make your outgoing emails look more effective & important content has to be made noticeable. What can be more useful than the traditional methods of making BOLD, using Italics , Underlining & also : Hyperlinking the important words to generate leads & business ?

Use these simple FREE Gmail Tools in every message which goes out from you and brand yourself as a true professional !

P.S. : All Options have to be activated from Mail Settings.

Canned Responses have to be activated from Settings ——> Labs.

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